Adam Kendall

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Adam Kendall is a New York City video-artist and musician whose work has been described as "Deftly-mixed real-world sentiments with beautiful abstractions of monochrome tones and nearly organic shapes." Through his compositions and improvisations, he explores and develops literal and abstract ideas, creating a sense of narrative while maintaining a non-linear experience. He forms environments that can envelope and define a space or weave in and out of an existing atmosphere. Adam works and performs solo and in collaborations, including his ongoing work with Vortex (Satoshi Takeishi and Shoko Nagai), Hellbender Film Projekt, and other artists. Adam has been the video resident for Brooklyn-based multimedia events Dogs Blood Rising and The Wrecking Ball, and his work has been screened nationally and internationally. Solo and with other artists, Adam's New York City performances include: Roulette/Location One; Issue Project Room; Unity Gain; The Tank; Share; Psychasthenia Society; Eyewash; Tonic and SubTonic; Flux Factory; Halcyon; The Roberta Beck Memorial Cinema; The Poetry Project; Dogs Blood Rising; F:T:H; {R}ake; Galapagos; and The Wrecking Ball. His other performances include Impulse Response (Troy, NY) and venues from North Carolina to Boston to Maine. Adam's been in the festivals: Experimental Intermedia/Festival With No Fancy Name (NYC 2005); T-Minus2 (NYC 2005); Synaesthesiologists/The 2004 New York Video Festival (NYC 2004); Spark (Minneapolis, MN, 2005); Versionfest (Chicago 2003); X-Fest (NYC 2003); and Flywheel (Easthampton, MA, 2003). Adam's extra-curricular activities include co-curating {R}ake, a series of alternative and experimental audio and video, and founding the now-retired F:T:H, a seminal performance series of modern electronic music and real-time video mixing. Adam has been included in articles in The New York Times and Remix magazine, has been documented by The Discovery Channel, local NYC television, and independent documentarians, and has appeared in other print and online media. He has been a guest lecturer in the Parsons School of Design M.F.A. program for Design and Technology, and his material has been included in the curriculum of City University of Hong Kong. Adam lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.