Adi Shniderman and Merav Ezer

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Shniderman and Merav Ezer
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Merav was born and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel. An accidental course in sculpture during mandatory military service convinced Merav that art would become a main focus of her life. Dividing her time between sculpture and flamenco dancing, Merav enrolled at Beit Berl College in Israel and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art. After graduation, Merav packed her bags and wandered around the world for two years; her journey ended, she found herself in New York City. Since settling in New York, Merav has exhibited in Israel and the USA. She and Adi Shniderman received a Finishing Funds 2007 award from the Experimental Television Center. Merav currently works, lives, and loves, in Brooklyn NY.