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Toggling between daydream and full-blown hallucination, iLL-Literacy is a music and performance collective that fuses elements of funk, hip-hop, spoken word, and interactive theatre for a sound and live experience that draws as much from the rich artistic and political history of its Oakland hometown as it does from the experimental and imaginative inclinations of its current Brooklyn base. iLL-Literacy's current live production, USBUiLLD, is a rich blend of live digital funk music, striking visuals effects, and an evolved rendition of the powerful vocal performance that has garnered the collective acclaim over the years. With contributing efforts of live digital producer Ada Clock, USBUiLLD - directed by Kamilah Forbes (director of "Def Poetry Jam on Broadway" and Artistic Director of the Hip Hop Theater Festival) - assertively invites the audience not only to participate in the experience, but to shift the process and outcome of each show through an "open-sourced" exchange of sound and motion that the group has dubbed "digit.iLL.Funk."