Alexis Bhagat

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Alexis Bhagat is an intermedia artist dedicated to the destruction of authorship and authority through the cultivation of new forms for radically polyvocal sound, transmission of promiscuous conversation, and obsessive never-ending correspondence. Currently, Bhagat is intrigued by the "lecture" as a form ripe for intervention. New lectures include: "Lecture #4: Sound Composition as Anti-Authoritarian Writing" and "Lecture #5: Regarding Enemies (Bin Laden = Pope Pius VI)" He is editor of the zine, "Tactical Sound" and is co-editor, with Gregory Gangemi and Jason Quarles of Sound Generation: Recording - Tradition - Politics, a collection of interviews with 21 contemporary sound artists. (Forthcoming from Autonomedia.) He speaks and writes on anarchism, prisons and sound art, and is a founding member of the August Sound Coalition. Notable past projects include: ATM Poetry Opens (1994), Vehicle for Conversation (1999-2001), Whitman Death Songs (2002) and Lecture #2: On the Possibility of Life without the Sun (2004).