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Amoeba Technology

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Amoeba Technology
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Luciana Sanz performs under the name Lu(x)z and is part of the collective of experimental artists Amoeba Technology. Amoeba is a group of electronic musicians, djs, video artists, filmmakers and environmental architects. Since the early 1990s we have been performing, creating and curating our own productions and presenting works in Berlin, Brazil. Amsterdam and Paris. They have performed widely throughout New York, at Tonic, Dumbo, the Williamsburg Art Center, Combustive Arts, the Bang on a Can Festival at Symphony Space, Yale University and Pseudo Space. An Argentinian video artist based in Brooklyn NYC. Her focus lies in both the live implementation of real-time video processing through software and external hardware controllers and the projection of the final output onto multiple surfaces mapped within a specific environment. Her content derives from video and film footage that she captures and processes to be later manipulated and composited in a live scenario. Both the imagery and the form that it takes in its projection stage give the eye a stimulus that is removed from the concrete human visual experience.