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Andrew Deutsch (b.1968) is a sound, video and graphic artist who lives in Hornell, NY and teaches Sound & Video Art in the Division of Expanded Media at Alfred University. He received his BFA in Video Art and Printmaking from Alfred University in 1990 and his MFA in Integrated Electronic Art from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1994. He is a member of the Institute for Electronic Art at Alfred University and the Pauline Oliveros Foundation Board of Advisors and is a former member of the Pauline Oliveros Foundation Board of Directors (1999 - 2001). Since 1998 Deutsch has released over 14 CDRs of solo electronic music on his Magic If Recordings a label founded in part to keep in touch with the larger landscape of experimental music and to maintain consistent networking within that community by developing relationships with other composers through an exchange of works. Magic If is the primary vehicle for Deutschps musical ideas with releases being developed and distributed in a very swift yet clearly considered manner. The pace at which the releases occur allows his work to inhabit contemporary culture in a way that is more productive and of lower cost than the traditional structures currently in place for the publication of sound works. Each Magic If edition showcases his experimental music and graphic art and is distributed exclusively in the United States by Anomalous Records. There have been 14 Magic If releases in since 1998 each being released in an edition of between 20 and 450 copies. In 1998 Deutsch formed Carrier Band with Peer Bode and Pauline Oliveros producing the recordings Carrier and Automatic Inscription of Speech Melody and has since collaborated with Pauline Oliveros on many other projects over the past 8 years. Deutsch is also a regular collaborator with Peer Bode and Jessie Shefrin on both sound and video projects and most recently Deutsch has collaborated with Stephen Vitiello and Tetsu Inoue on the CD Humming Bird Feed ver.02 and with Tetsu Inoue on the Cds Field Tracker and Object and Organic Code. In addition to these collaborations, his recording The First Line (Sounds for Drawing) a collaboration with Ann Hamilton, was recently exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art as part of the exhibition Bitsreams. This work and has also been exhibited in installation form at the Burchfield - Penny Art Center in Buffalo, New York, and at the Cornish School in Seattle,Washington. Further, an additional sixty minutes of The First Line are to be released soon by the Institute for Electronic Arts. Deutsch has released other CDs through Deep Listening Publications, Lucky Kitchen, Anomalous Records, Commune Disc (forthcoming), Elevator Bath (forthcoming) and JdK publications. Additionally, since 1994 Deutsch has produced over 26 recordings of experimental video many of which have been exhibited both nationally and internationally and he has participated regularly in the Artists Residency program at the Experimental Television Center in Owego New York. Approaching video from a position of experimentation, he has developed his own real time raster scan processing system based on a similar design by Nam June Paik. Deutsch used in this system in his 1996 recording Magnetic North, produced in part while he was a workshop instructor and facilities consultant at the Tariagsuk Video Center, Igloolik, Canada and in his collaborative piece Empty Words 4 with John Cage and Yvar Mikshoff which has been accepted into the limited archives of the John Cage Trust. His most recent video project Eye Piece, which incorporates hand rendered 16 mm film components, was exhibited at the 9th Biennial of the Moving Image, Center pour L'image, Contemporaine Saint - Gervais, Geneva. Deutsch is the recipient of an Artists Fellowship - in Video Art (1997) from the New York Foundation for the Arts and a Special Opportunity Stipend from the New York Foundation for the Arts (1999), and you can hear remixes of Deutschps CD Garden Music on Ovalps OvalProcess, and Microstoriaps Improvisers.