Andrew Neumann

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An avant-garde filmmaker, Neumann's focus is to observe and manipulate the cinematic tools. His exploration goes beyond the content of film and video, to include the delivery mechanisms. By presenting and integrating a variety of icons and visual references, Neumann critiques the contemporary electronic age. By doing so, he intends to provoke the viewer into thinking about the message, the messenger, and the means of delivery. Neumann's wall-mounted, kinetic, video sculptures combine the sensibility of an inventor with the creativity of an artist, and the incisive analysis of a filmmaker. Artfully engineered, they use computer-controlled turn-screws, small l.c.d. video monitors, and tiny cameras to reveal messages and icons inscribed on the panels. The mesmerizing shuttling motion of the sculptures, draws attention to the content that is displayed on tiny monitors. These messages at first seem absurdly simple in comparison to the complexity of the devices, but this simplicity is a ruse by the artist. Juxtaposing the simple and the complex, the true meaning of the sculptures is greater than the sum of their intricate mechanical and electronic parts. Also on view in the gallery is a projected videotape by the artist. Andrew Neumann is a Boston-based artist who works in a variety of media, including sculpture, electronic/interactive music, and film and video installation. Last year he exhibited at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, and at Art Interactive in Cambridge. This year his work was on view at bitforms gallery in New York City. His single channel videos have been shown on PBS, The Worldwide Video Festival, Artist Space, and elsewhere. Andrew has a degree in filmmaking from Emerson College, and until recently he taught filmmaking at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.