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Anney Bonney was born in Columbus, Ohio, and educated at Wellesley College, The School of Visual Arts, Pratt Graphics,Theatre in Action, and the New York School of Holography. She spent time traveling and living in a treehouse in Hawaii before sett ling down in New York (for the last 25 years) as a multi-disciplinary/media artist. In the late 70's, she exhibited widely in lower Manhattan nightclubs (The Mudd Club, Club 57, Stilwend) as well as more formal institutions (The Ford Foundation and the Br ooklyn Museum). She received a NYSCA film grant for, Pygmalion Alien, in 1980. She worked @ BOMB magazine starting in 1984. Later she became a contributing arts editor there, interviewing painters (Mike Bidlo, George Condo, Hedda al..being pub lished in Bomb Speak Art!, the best of BOMB magazine's interviews with artists). In 1992, she co-founded Antenna, TV, an artists' public access program. She began showing work and co-curating performance @ the Kitchen in 1995. She served as the Performanc e/Video Curator and Media Director there until July, 1999. She collaborated with the Kitchen Music Curator, Ben Neill. Their video, "Moon Charms" (with mix by D.J. Spooky), premiered @ the Rio Cine Festival, 1997, won a prize in Houston for the best exper imental short, and was selected by Time Warner, Inc. to be in the world's first Internet Film Festival (the dawn of streaming). Last summer she associate produced for the Performing Channel @ Pseudo Programs, Inc. Her videos have been screened in Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, France, England, Germany, Scotland, Canada, Brazil, and throughout the USA. She's one of the video improvisors (Live Mixing) with Benton Bainbridge @ David Linton's Unity Gain Events held the first Wednesday of very month @ Galapagos in Brooklyn. She's presently teaching a Video and Interactive Media Class with Liz Phillips in the Art & Design Department at the State University of New York at Purchase. Education: Attended: Wellesley College (Art History and Theater), SVA (Film & Video), Pratt (Graphics, Design, Computer), Theater in Action (Directing), New York School of Holography Video Art I & II, Adjunct Professor School of Art + Design, Purchase College, SUNY Spring 2000- Associate Producer for the Performance Channel Pseudo Programs, Inc. (Internet TV) Summer 1999 Hybrid Performance/Video /Gallery Curator Media Director: The Kitchen, NYC 1995-1999 Co-Founder/Director: Antenna, TV Manhattan Cable Access Artists’ TV Show, 1992-1995 Contributing Arts Editor: Bomb Magazine, 1990-1997 VIDEO EXHIBITIONS: Selected Screenings, Performance / Live Mix, Lecture /Presentations, Awards and Installations: 2002 Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY, Residency 2002 Downtown CommunityTelevision Center, NYC, Unity Gain, Director TV Mix 2002 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Invitational Screening 2001 St. Gervais, Ninth Biennial of the Moving Image, "Psychedelivision", Curated by Stephen Vitiello, Geneva, Switzerland 2001 Cleveland Museum, Anthony de Mare's Playin My Self, Commissioned Videos/ Live Mix 2001 Lincoln Center, Video Festival, Special Installation, NYC 2001 The Anchorage, Creative Time, Under the Brooklyn Bridge, “ Massless Medium: Explorations in Sensory Immersion”, " Shaded Bandwidths", Video/Sound Interactive Installation Collaboration with Liz Phillips) 2001 Chashama, Unity Gain Live Video Mix with Benton Bainbridge and Kurt Ralske, NYC 2001 The Kitchen, NYC, Unity Gain, Live Video Mix 2001 Athens International Film and Video Festival, Ohio, Video finalist 2001 Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale, Illinois Invitational Screening 2001 Black Maria Film and Video Festival, Jersey City, N.J. Awarded Second Prize, included in 20th Anniversary Tour 2001 Image Forum Festival: Experimental Film & Video: Tokyo, Kyoto,Yokohama, Fukuoka, Japan (Invitational) 2001 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Multiple Invitational Screenings 2001 Boston Museum School, “Dangerous Waves”, Curated by David Weinstein Video/Interactive Sound Installation: “Suspended Frequencies”(Collaboration with Liz Phillips) 2000 Galapagos, Brooklyn, Unity Gain, Live Master Mix with Jeremy Bernstein 2000 Keny Gallery Painting and Video Installation Show, "Cascadia", Columbus, Ohio (with Sculptor, Peter Haines) 2000 New York State Council on the Arts Individual Artist’s Program Grant Recipient (Collaboration with Liz Phillips) 2000 D.U.M.B.O. Short Film & Video Festival, Brooklyn, Invitational Screening 2000 Franklin Furnace, The Future is the Present, Residency for 2001 2000 Roulette, NYC, Commissioned Live Video Mix, Bernadette Speach 2000 Warwick Center, N.Y. “Cyber Arts Festival”, (Harvestworks) Live Video Mix with DJ Val Jeanty 1999 Wiseman Gallery, Minneapoli, screenings 1999 Galapagos, Brooklyn “Summer Clearance”, Unity Gain, Live Mix with Benton Bainbridge 1999 Dance Theater Workshop Gallery, NYC, “Bad Science”, Group Show Curated by Mike Taylor, Video Installation 1999 RCCA: The Arts Center, Troy, NY, "Charms and Transformations", 3 artists, Video Installation 1999 The Video Wall @ 1251 Sixth Avenue, NYC (Thundergulch), Invitational Screening 1999 NAB, Las Vegas (Real Network), invitational screening 1999 The Kitchen, “Trance Encounters”, Multimedia Performance, Live Video Mix 1999 Transmediale, Berlin. @ Podewil Screening 1999 Art Academy @ Sofia, Bulgaria, Screening 1998 Space Festival, Videos for Performance Otranto, Italy 1998 Istanbul Jazz Festival, Videos for Performance 1998 Vienna Jazz Festival, Videos for Performance 1998 Umbria Jazz Festival, Videos for Performance, Perugia, Italy 1998 Edinburgh Flux Festival, Videos for Performance Edinburgh Scotland 1998 SECCA, Videos for Performance, Winston-Salem, NC 1998 Barbican Centre, Videos for Performance, London 1998 Berlin Love Parade, Videos for Performances 1998 The Kitchen Benefit in honor of Paula Cooper, Commissioned Video Installation (9 monitors) 1998 National Educational Media Network, Oakland, Calif Video Award 1998 The Cooler, NYC, Live Mix with Ben Neill 1998 Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale, Illinois 1998 WorldFest Houston, Gold Award for Experimental Video 1998 Video Shorts, Seattle, Washington, Award 1998 Transmediale, Berlin, @ Podewil 1998 Time Warner Reel Time Film Festival, First Internet Festival in the World (one of five videos chosen) 1998 Exit Art/ The First World, NYC,”New York Stories” Selected Screening 1998 The Downtown Arts Festival, @ the Cooler, NYC, Selected Screening 1997 Rio Cine Festival, Installation & Video Commissioned, Rio de Janeiro 1997 Kitchen Benefit in honor of Philip Glass commissioned 4 Screen Installation, Irving Plaza 1997 Rencontres Arts Electroniques, Rennes, France The University of Rennes 1997 National Educational Media Network, Oakland, California, Award 1997 Kitchen Benefit video commissioned in honor of Trisha Brown 1996 Video Shorts, Seattle, Wash., Award 1996 Main Street Film Festival, California State University at Fullerton, Award 1996 The Kitchen Benefit video commissioned honoring Steve Reich 1996 The Thread Waxing Space, the Kitchenette, NYC “Mnemosis1-111” Video Installation, “Confabulating Chaos” 1995 Canyonlands Film & Video Festival, Moab, Utah 1995 Arcadia, Williamsburg, “Pastoral Airwaves” Videos Live Mix 1995 Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Grant Recipient 1995 National Short Film and Video Festival, USA Film Festival, Dallas, Texas, Finalist 1995 US Super 8 Film & Video Festival,Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, finalist 1994 The Cooler, Evening of Antenna TV, NYC 1993 The Cooler, Evening of Antenna TV, NYC FILM EXHIBITIONS and Awards: 1982 TR3, NYC 1980 Toronto Super 8 Film Festival, Canada 1980 NY International Avant Garde Festival Curated by Charlotte Moorman, Film/Performance, Pier 94, NYC 1980 New York State Council on the Arts, Film Production Grant 1980 Brooklyn Arts and Cultural Association, Grant Recipient 1980 Brooklyn Museum 1980 Filmmaker’s Festival, Orpheum Theater, East Village, NYC 1979 School of Visual Arts, NYC 1979 The Ford Foundation, NYC 1979 Global Village, NYC 1979 The Mudd Club, NYC 1979 Club 57, NYC