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Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), a non-profit organization founded to aid in the advancement of video as an art form, is establishing a distribution service for artists' video programs.

Since its inception in 1971, EAI has sponsored and provided assistance for many video projects, and received funding support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts and private foundations.

Some of the video projects EAI has been involved with are:

  • Open Circuits/The Future of Television, the first international video conference, held at the Museum of Modern Art in January 1974, exploring the esthetic potentials of television (a book is forthcoming from MIT Press);
  • The Kitchen, a free forum for video program presentations;
  • Perception and Vasulka Video, research groups developing new techniques and technology for video information systems.

EAI operations are now being expanded to include a distribution system for artists' video tapes.

The video work of more than twenty artists and groups will be offered through this service initially. Special arrangements have been made to distribute the programs created by artists at WNET/13's Experimental Television hob and at WGBH's New Television Workshop (see attached list).

The goals of this new EAI service are:

  • To distribute high quality duplicates of appropriate video programs to Universities, Museums, Art and Architectural Schools, Libraries, and other interested institutions.
  • To promote the concept of presenting artists' video tapes as an integral part of such institutions' continuing programs and curriculum.
  • To offer a counseling service to organizations interested in initiating or expanding their video programming.
  • To engender income to the artist through the display of his/her video work.

A catalogue with a listing and description of video tapes available through this service will be issued later this year; if you would like to receive this catalogue, when it is completed, please fill out the form below and return to the above address.

Through this new Electronic Arts Intermix service you can provide your organization with comprehensive video programming at a modest cost


Ant Farm                               Michael Hayden
George Bolling                     Taka Iimura
Peter Campus                       Beryl Korot
Peter Crown                          Shigeko Kubota
Juan Downey                       Andy Mann
Ed Emshwiller                       Nam June Paik
Bill Etra                                  John Reilly ´
Louise Etra                            Ira Schneider
Charles Frazier                      Lillian Schwartz
Frank Gillette                         TVTV
Joel Glassman                        Steina Vasulka
William Gwin                          Woody Vasulka

Among the tapes of special interest will be the "The Medium is the Medium", broadcast nationally on the Educational TV Network in March of 1969 and six of the twelve tableaux of Jean Dubuffet's " CouCou Bazar" an animated painting videotaped by EAI at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in July of 1973.