Barbara Buckner

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Since beginning her work with video in 1972, Barbara Buckner has employed advanced video and computer technologies to create painterly works of strong visual and symbolic resonance. Her formal exploration of the transformative properties of electronic imaging technologies result in metaphoric works of great pictorial sophistication. In her non-narrative, often silent compositions, her imagery is dense and illusive, abstract and figurative, mysterious and otherworldly. Buckner received a BFA from NYU, and has taught at City College of New York, the School of Visual Arts, the Art Institute of Chicago and Binghamton University. Her work has been recognized by the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. Her work has been distributed throughout the world, and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, The Kitchen and Anthology Film Archives. She has been Artist in Residence at the Experimental Television Center, WXXI in Rochester, and WNET-TV in NYC. "In my work I have been concerned with the spiritual consciousness of the individual and how one views one's position in Eternity. In this work, I, as soulóan immortal and eternal physical essenceóview some aspects of the physical life as a finite yet ever-changing phenomenon in space/time."