Behind the Screen: The History and Techniques of the Motion Picture

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Dell Publishing Co., Inc., New York, NY (1965)




Behind the Screen: The History and Techniques of the Motion Picture. Contents are broken down into the following chapters and sub-paragraphs: A Mass Art for a Mass Audience (What Makes Hollywood Run? and Time and the Movies), Many Inventions and Inventors (When Pictures Began to Move- 1825-1885 and The Pioneers of the Eighteen-Nineties), The Silent Era Begins (The Screen Turns from Science to Storytelling, The Magic of Melies and of England's Editing, American Film-Making- 1902-1912, and Store Theaters and Greenhouse Studios), The Silent Film Takes Shape (The Age of Griffith, The Coming of the Feature Film, The Triangle of Griffith, Ince, and Sennett, What a Photoplay Editor Saw- 1915-1917, The Lure of the Primitive Screen, and The Art of Chaplin and Lesser Comics), The Film of the Nineteen-Twenties (Germany and Scandinavia Take the Lead, Russia's Film Revolution, Hollywood's Gilded Decade, and The Twilight of the Silent Stars), The Coming of Sound (The Inventive Struggle- 1906-1926, and "Garbo Talks!"), Studio Organization (How a Major Studio Works, The Old Order Changeth, and The Search for Story Material), The Problem of Censorship (To See or Not to See? and Classification- "For Adults Only," The Masters of Film-Making (The Screen Writer and His Problems, The Director- Prime Partner in Film-Making, The Cutter- Right Arm of the Director, and The Cameraman's Contribution), and The Picture Reshaped (The Screen's "New Look"- Wider and Deeper, The Wide Screen- 1900-1930-1952, and New Ways with Sound and Distribution).

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