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Miller (also known as " Bob" ) is a New York media artist-- a writer and performer working with film, video, music and humor. She has written and directed a host of short comedies, documentaries and 15 performance videos set to music she composes and performs. Bob's works have earned many awards, including four American Film Institute/Sony Visions prizes and two student Emmy's from The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Her work has been seen on television in the U.S. and abroad and has traveled the international festival circuit. Bianca Bob's work originates in both film and video formats, incorporating digital, analog and some mechanical imaging technologies. A not-so-closeted tech head, she loves stalking local Radio Shacks, yard sales and plastic shops looking for old and new toys to use in her films, videos and music. Many of Bob's pieces were created at The Experimental Television Center, where she's been an Artist-In-Residence for several years. Bob is currently in postproduction on 3 new shorts, and is developing several longer form projects for television and webcast. She plans to release an anthology of short works later in the year. Through her company BBob Films, she writes, directs and produces music videos, PSA's and other work for outside clients. Filmography C A F E M E 3:50 Check your ego at Cafe Me, where Generation Java hang their self-obsessed hats -- on home pages, the gym, in the Starbuck's window. Created at The Experimental Television Center. NUMBER ONE LOCAL - HARRY NUGENT 7:50 A day underground with New York's favorite subway conductor Harry Nugent, whose suburban commentaries on life kept grumpy riders smiling for 20 years. MY JACKALOPE IS GOD/ THE FLUFF DANUBE :60 A series of humorous bumpers and ID's for New York's WFMU-TV , the free form television sister of WFMU 91.1 FM. Created at The Experimental Television Center. STEREO TYPES :60 A series of humorous public service announcements skewering bigotry. Features my boom box, clad in stereotyped costumes and foodstuffs. Created at The Experimental Television Center. I LOVE THE FIREMEN 3:10 They cook, clean, shop and save lives... How can I keep myself back 200 feet? Props to the brave men & women who risk it all for us daily. Created at The Experimental Television Center. THE MANIFOLD MEAL 15:00 A cross country docucomedy about cooking gourmet meals on your car engine. Learn how to wrap your meal, pack it under the hood and unwedge yams from the exhaust pipe while driving at stupid illegal speeds between Memphis and Tulsa. Created at The Experimental Television Center. CELEBRITIES WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE 9:00 A stroll through the star studded streets of Santa Fe in search of celebs, folks who think they're stars and those who just look like them. Features a chat with the elusive Monday Night Football and "Sun Tea " king , Mr. Don Meredith . THE HOLLYWOOD HANDSHAKE (OK...BUBBYE) 2:40 A two minute anthem for the insincere, like they do it on that coast... and all over the world. The slippery grip n' grin, kiss-kiss-gotta-run, love your script-- heard lots about it. WAGON , HO ! 2:20 A foot-stompin' hat-tippin' tribute to our inner cowboy complete with bizarre animation, strange lookin' prairie dawgs & cheesy postcards. Created in part at The Experimental Television Center. RED M&M'S 3:30 A late-night-television-junk-food-pop-culture-consumer-media bum's lament for the good old days when Giggle Noodle Soup and red M&M's were all around us. AIN'T GONNA PEE IN THE CUP 3:40 This was my answer to a prospective employer who demanded I take a series of drug and lie tests. Features The "Dixie D" Cups and the mystical nylon monofilament. SUSHI BABY 1:20 Love's a lot like sushi. Or so I've read. A Mothra-esque tribute to bad looping, oversize props and giant 12 foot chopsticks. Yep, that's me in the samurai fat suit. THE COW GOES MOO 4:50 A grisly spoof on a child's rhyme, in 3 parts --contorted piano playing cows, big red lips and the invisible Evil Farmer. One of my first videos. Created at The Experimental Television Center. BBob Selected List - Exhibitions, Awards & Grants 1 9 9 6 - 1 9 9 9 IMAGE UNION WTTW - (PBS) Chicago, IL REEL NEW YORK WNET 13 (PBS) , New York LA FREEWAVES FESTIVAL Los Angeles, CA INDEPENDENT EXPOSURE Seattle, WA BEST OF THE SHORTS VIDEO FESTIVAL American Cinematheque, Los Angeles CITYLORE NEW YORK IMAGES FESTIVAL CUNY TV, New York VICTORIA INDEPENDENT FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL, Victoria, British Columbia INTERNATIONAL SHORT-FILM FESTIVAL OF SANTIAGO, Santiago, Chile IFP / NORTHWEST AIRLINES Independents In Flight, US BURNING MAN FESTIVAL D-Film Festival preview, NV MILL VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL Interactive Media Festival - Mill Valley, CA THE INDEPENDENTS "Are We On" comedy series - Discovery / PBS MIXED SIGNALS - ALL WORKED UP NEFA Television Series, USA HUDSON VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL New York TELLURIDE INDIEFEST Screening of 8 films, Telluride, CO LOUISVILLE FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL Best Short Film - Louisville, KY CINE-POETRY FESTIVAL Audience Favorite - San Francisco, CA NATIONAL POETRY VIDEO FESTIVAL Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago CINEWOMEN SCREENING SERIES Museum of Intolerance, Los Angeles VIDEO TUSCULLUM FESTIVAL Best Short Film - Greeneville, TN CHARLOTTE FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL Mint Museum, Charlotte NC ST. JOHN'S INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S FILM FESTIVAL New Foundland, Canada INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL FILM + ARCHITECTURE GRAZ Graz, Austria MONDIAL INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL Brussels, Belgium ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE The Experimental Television Center, New York 1 9 9 4 - 1 9 9 5 NEW YORK UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL Anthology Film Archives, New York SHAMELESS SHORTS WTN/Lifestyles, Canada ST. JOHN'S INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S FILM FESTIVAL New Foundland, Canada NEXT MILLENNIUM VIDEO FESTIVAL American Cinematheque, Los Angeles WFMU TV Regular Contributor, New York VISITING FILMMAKER PROGRAM Guest Artist, University of Wisconsin, Madison ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE The Experimental Television Center, New York 1 9 9 1 - 1 9 9 3 ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS & SCIENCES 1993 Student Emmy Award HAMPTONS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL East Hampton, New York VISIONS OF U.S. 1st Place Music Video, American Film Institute/Sony THE INDEPENDENTS "Played In The USA"; The Learning Channel/PBS TOKYO BROADCASTING INTL. "A Tale of Two Cities "- TBSI, Japan THE 90'S Regular Contributor, PBS NIGHT FLIGHT Fox/Cable - USA A & E SHORT STORIES FESTIVAL Production Grant, American Film Institute/A & E ATLANTA FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL Director's Choice Award - Atlanta, GA ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE The Experimental Television Center, New York