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Brendan Michael

I was born July 15, 1981 in Queens NY. In 1983, I moved to Worcester County, MA with my family. My father was a postal inspector & Marine Corps reservist & my mother was a housewife. I attended Catholic High School between 1995 - 1999. I later attended Ithaca College, 1999 - 2003, studying audio & video under Megan Roberts in the Roy Park School. There, I developed an interest in analog synthesis and A/V processing. During the winter of 2003, I founded web-based production company Recording Productions with classmate & friend, Brendan McGrath, working together to score & produce filmstrips, videos, and web content. In 2006, Recording Productions created RCP Tones, an off-shoot ringtone design company. Currently, we create synthesized ringtones, using MIDI-controlled analog synthesizers. We master our ringtones directly from our DAWs to the iPhone and other handhelds, using realtime wireless transmission & the ringtones are distributed digitally throughout the world. In addition to RCP Tones, I am a full-time mastering engineer & archivist at Sundazed Music, & part-time technician's assistant at Tech It Out recording studio maintenance. I currently live in Hudson, NY.