Britta Riley

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Britta Riley is an artist and designer. As an artist, she is committed to the continued evolution of the human senses and believes increased sensory potential correlates with the motivation toward and efficacy of environmental stewardship. Her interactive sculptures often employ pliable naturally-derived materials- such as fluids, aquatic ecosystems, fabric, and anything fleshy. Playing with these complex and sometimes unfamiliar materials builds a sensory understanding of the physics and material exchanges governing their behavior. At Tonic, the experimental music venue in New York, she demonstrated the> Gourdsac for Ipod, a musical instrument accessory for the Ipod that allows the user to "jam" with her music by means of flicking and yanking tiny ubbery resonant chambers. During an installation at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab, visitors controlled the SnackFax, a robotic sculpture that moves in 3 dimensions and squirts out sculptural mounds of edible cake frosting. Currently on view at Eyebeam, the installation, DrinkPeeDrinkPeeDrinkPee, examines the biochemical role of our bodies' daily fluid output on the larger ecosystem. The accompanying Urine-to-Fertilizer DIY Kit allows users a very personal sensory experience of the biochemical transformation their own waste into plant food. Britta co-founded>Submersible Design, which consults with museums and environmental non-profits on the presentation of in-depth content in exhibitions and digital media.