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Julian van Aalderen (1976) and Sjors Trimbach (1974) have both graduated from the Academy of Arts and Industry in Enschede at the Media-art department. They are working as animator/illustrator/graphic-designers and videoartists. Since 1999 they are operational as the C-men veejays. They re-invented the whole 16-bit style and brought it to a higher level. They are one of the reasons this "retro-80'-videogame-hype" is going on. Every time you see a person in a Atari T-shirt, you know these 2 boys started it.It was not a coincidence that the "Game on" exhibit in London was held at the same time they played in London. And while everyone and his mother is running behind the latest fad, they will still be rocking that low-res style. Their computers can't do any better. All their work is homemade and played on 2 Amiga 1200 computers. With the aid of the MNU2/3 VJ-tool, they can alter their low-res animations on the fly.