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Cambria Matlow is a founding filmmaker of Birdgirl Productions, and BURNING IN THE SUN marks her debut as a documentary feature director. In 2005 she initiated production for the project when a colleague contacted her to describe the unique solar energy project she was organizing in Mali. Cambria was struck by the potential of the story and threw herself headfirst into the making of this film, moving from Vermont to Brooklyn in the spring of 2006 to work full time towards its completion. Before her work with Birdgirl, Cambria directed and lensed several short narrative films, including CHAPSTICK and LET'S DO LUNCH. In THE SACRED CLOWN, an experimental film about Che Guevara that explores political issues of cultural consequence, Cambria's directing exemplified a unique crossover style of fiction filmmaking that had a 'documentary' feel. Cambria earned a B.A. with Honors in Hispanic Studies from Columbia University and holds a Certificate in Documentary Film Production from Burlington College in Vermont. Additional support work with the Vermont International Film Festival and with Arts Engine, who produce and distribute independent media of consequence, has fueled Cambria's passion for film. She has lived in Spain and New Zealand, and traveled extensively around the world, including time spent in Morocco, Singapore, Panama, Mexico, Hungary, Poland, Ireland, and the United States. A dynamic background in filmmaking, foreign language ability, rich intercultural experience and political awareness has anchored Cambria's ability to co-direct this current project.