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Carrie Dashow is a New York-based artist working in the intersection of video, performance and new media. Through combining and reading space, interaction and energy with an anthropological, formalist and geomantic slant, Ms. Dashow creates content. Her work reveals the subliminal as a counterpoint to everyday existence by employing concepts that contest fact-based reality. Using available public tools — a greeting, an island, building, friend, forest, map, history, camera — undercurrents of visible space are examined, resulting in tactile, experiential and more real than real performances, videos and lately books. Much of her work takes place in social and collective situations, either on the street, in communities, relationships and workshops. Her participatory-style performances amongst diverse audiences turn to reveal a prescient sense of community and possibility. Her work plays with our psychological understanding of reality, replacing what we see inside out. Carrie co — directs with Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg the Society for a Subliminal State, a fledgling organization that agitates against the exclusive use of empirical evidence in the search for truth. They are presently engulfed in a project called The Subliminal History of New York State. This includes a shape note singing and "13th screen" video tour planned for community, history and art centers along New York State's waterways beginning this June 1st. Her work has been exhibited at venues internationally from St. Petersburg, Seoul, Paris and Berlin to New York, L.A. and Pittsburg, PA. Including P.S. 1/MOMA, UCLA Hammer Museum, Exitart, Jessica Murray Projects, Eyebeam, Andy Warhol Museum, in mines, public parks, campervans and her living room. Ms. Dashow is a Part Time faculty of New Media at Purchase College. Ms. Dashow has been an Artist in Residence teaching video and media literacy within NYC public schools since 1998.She has worked with various organizations including the Experimental Television Center's Residency Program and Sponsorship Program, Henry Street Settlement, Young Audiences NY, Artsgenesis, The Kitchen, Electronic Arts Intermix, the Drawing Center, The Dia, Eyebeam and Magic Box. Public art works include hello, an attempt to greet 1 million people individually. hello landed her an invitation to Good Morning America, from which she produced hello Good Morning America , a non traditional documentary. Here she combines original broadcast video with footage taken from a camera hidden in her broach. hello GMA has been featured in festivals from L.A. to St. Petersburg, USSR. For MIR2 , she designed the elaborate communication system for the collaboratively created space station at Smack Mellon Studios, Brooklyn. MIR2 was awarded a Bessie for Installation and New Media in 2002. As an A.I.R. at Eyebeam and through a finishing funds grant from the Experimental Television Center she exhibited; 10 cameras, Caumsett, Long Island , a 10 channel synchronized video installation (Eyebeam, Fall 03). Spring 2004, she produced Red Light Relay; connecting West Hall to Fulton Street , a public art event in Downtown Troy (April, 2004). Using light as a link, unknown neighbors participated using apartments and offices lights to communicate and network between each other as well as to the historic and modern constructions of Troy, NY. The event concluded with free cake for all in the red lit glass public walkway at the end of the street. With Media Alliance's radio sound art grant (02) , she and collaborator Matt Bua bought The Unseen Machine ( USM ), a mobile activity unit in guise of a 1976 Dodge Campervan. USM has performed various public interventions and drive by's; the Kitchen's Summer Fair (03), Eyebeam, D.U.M.B.O arts festival ('04). As part of Grizedale Art's Romantic Detachment show sponsored by the Henry Moore Foundation of Great Britain, the USM was parked in the PS1/MOMA Queens courtyard as part of Bua, Bercowetz and Dashow's performance, installation. Massive research on Roosevelt Island led the threesome to believe that a monster lay at rest in disguise of the island. At PS1/MOMA as well as on the Island Carrie, along with Sxip Shirey, and three island boys (Tyler canon, Stefan Iliescu and James Barniker) directed a non-fictional lecture/performance renegade slide show projected outdoors, powered by a van, in a public park based on the evidence found. Special Thanks to Island Historian, Judy Berdy. The Under Island story now expands into the rest of New York State with the new project called the Subliminal History of New York State. Chapter 1 begins with Under Island. Working with Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, the two have rewritten the original texts of Under Island into Shape Note songs. (A 18th century unaccompanied vocal style traditional to Upstate NY and Western MA. Beginning in summer 2006, Carrie and Jesse will tour these songs in the form of singing schools, teaching people how to read music and performing impromptu singings of the story of living land, with local participants as it evolves. At a recent residency at the Woman's Studio Workshop, Carrie produced a limited edition silkscreened tunebook of chapter 1. (Pictures to come) with plans to publishing it in more quantity soon. Summer 2005, collaborating with Matt Bua and Jesse Bercowetz, they exhibited Pent up and UnderGone, a collaborative solo show. Using what they learned on Roosevelt Island as a departure point they created a parallel time of now where people have undergone and the land happily reclaims itself. At Jessica Murray Projects in Chelsea, NYC. Ms. Dashow began her undergraduate study in Media and Communication at Antioch College in Ohio. She graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1994 with a BFA in New Genres (Video and Performance Art). She received her Master's degree in Integrated Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she was awarded a full merit scholarship for her studies.