Charles Cohen

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This Philadelphia-based composer is known primarily through his live synthesizer performances on classic Buchla equipment, his scores for dance and theatre, and musical collaborations. Like many other composer-performers, Cohen prefers live performance as the true musical experience, and rarely records or promotes "product" of his work (among musicians, this is of course another one of life's neverending discussions). However, there is some hard evidence (friendly joke) of Cohen's activity with other musicians: (1) two or three years of collaborations with video artist Eric Schefter, performances and studio work, are distilled on a video tape that is available by special order. through the Internet: The Luminists worked in residence at the Experimental Television Center. (2) And his work can be heard prominently on several cuts with the West Philadelphia group Bastard Finders ("Bastard Finders" and "Got One" both 1990 with selections like "Maga' " and "I'm making a trip to reality, can I get you anything") available from Branzstuff Music, which can be also ordered through the Internet: ~ "Blue" Gene Tyranny, All Music Guide.