Christina McPhee

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Born in Los Angeles, Christina McPhee studied literature and art history at Scripps college, Claremont; and painting at Kansas City Art Institute (BFA) and Boston university (MFA), as a student of Philip Guston. In new media and installation, her work involves time and memory within technological landscapes where painterly, architectural and technological mesh within an atmosphere of chiarascuro and baroque complexity. Christina McPhee (US) is a multimedia artist working with landscapes of scientific visualization and cinematic image through a performance based use of video, installation, digital photography, data base net art and drawing. Based in California, she is currently working at the margins of cities investigating the seismic landscape, and the aftermath of debris flow, in the wake of global warming. Upcoming exhibitions in 2006 will include a solo installation, "La Conchita mon amour,' at Sara Tecchia New York in October; and, at Cartes Centre for Art and Technology, Espoo, Finland, a five year retrospective of her work will be on from May to September. In 2005, a solo exhibition at Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden, followed participation in Groundworks: Environmental Collaboration and Contemporary Art at Carnegie Mellon University, Regina Goucher Gallery, and two exhibitions in San Francisco and LA.. She has worked in the Residency Program at the Experimental Television Center. Her perfomances and net art have been part of many new media festivals since 2001 including Cybersonica at the ICA London (2002), FILE 2002 Sao Paulo, Digital Arts and Culture Melbourne (2003), and is online in the Whitney Museum of American Art artport, ctheorymultimedia at Cornell University Electronic Media Archives, and chairetmetal (Montreal).