Constance De Jong

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De Jong
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Constance De Jong was born in 1950 in Cleveland, and lives and works in Nyack and New York City. Her interdisciplinary work in performance, video and writing has been exhibited in arts institutions and museums including the Dia Center, Whitney Museum of American Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Hamburger Bahnoff Museum (Berlin), Arc Festival (Graaz, Austria) and Moderna Museum (Slovenia). Since De Jong's first novel Modern Love (1978) - published in serial form as mail art then as radio and a performance set to music - she has continued to explore and experiment with hybrid forms. Her collaborations have included writing the libretto for Philip Glass' opera, Satyagraha (1983) and the performance work Relatives (1990) with Tony Oursler. De Jong's public projects include Fantastic Prayers (2000), a CD-ROM collaboration with Tony Oursler and Steven Vitiello; Ally (1989), a spectra sign for Messages to the Public in Times Square; and Duets for Animals and People (1994), a permanent installation at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.