Courtney Rile

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Courtney Rile is an artist, curator and arts coordinator currently living and working in Syracuse, NY. Rile has done extensive research on the history of art in the city of Syracuse. Her video art has been shown internationally as well as locally in the first Syracuse International Film and Video Festival. In 2005, she curated a moving images video program called "Videohm" at the upscale lounge and bar in Syracuse, NY, which featured nearly 300 hours of international works from experimental film and video artists as well as VJs. Courtney Rile is also an arts coordinator. She was instrumental in coordinating the historically significant exhibition "Clement Greenberg In Syracuse: Then & Now" at ThINC's Company Gallery in 2005. She is currently Gallery Coordinator at Delavan Art Gallery in Syracuse. Rile holds an A.A. in TV/Radio/Film from Montgomery County Community College, PA, and a B.F.A. in Video Art from Syracuse University, NY.