Cromemco Microcomputer Systems Catalog features Z-2D Computer System

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Cromemco (1978)




Cromemco Microcomputer Systems Catalog. 8 1/2 in. by 11 in. black and white duotone 35 pages. Includes:Advanced Microcomputer Systems- Z-1 Microcomputer, Z-2 Microcomputer System, Z-2D Disk Computer System, System Two Computer, System Three Computer. CPU- Z-80 Single Card Computer, Z-80-CPU Card. Memory- 4K RAM Card, 16K RAM Card, 8K BYTESAVER PROM card and programmer, 16K PROM card, 32K BYTESAVER PROM card and programmer. I/O- 8-port parallel interface card, 7-channel A/D and D/A card, TU-ART I/O interface, Disk Controller, Printer Interface Card, TV DAZZLER color graphics interface. Disk Software- COBOL Compiler, FORTRAN IV Compiler, MACRO Assembler, 16K BASIC Interpreter, Multi-User Basic, Dazzler Games and Graphics, Word Processing System, Data-Based Management System, Trace System Simulator. Resident Software- 16K BASIC Interpreter, 3K Control BASIC Interpreter, Monitor, Assembler/Resident Operating System. Peripherals and Accesories- CRT Terminals, Printers, JS-1 Joystick Console with speaker, 5 in. Single Disk Drive, 8 in. Dual Disk Drive, Wire Wrap Board, Extender Card, Card Cages, Walnut Floor cabinet, List of Dealers.

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