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Daniel Vatsky is a video artist, filmmaker, film archivist, and researcher. He utilizes a wide variety of media along with specialized software and hardware components, combining them to create unique systems of data and signal processing. His projects range from transcontinental multi-user installations to low-fidelity performances using slide projectors and found objects. Influenced heavily by the filmmaking process and collage art, his pieces are concerned with the distillation of images, in which their innate qualities and emotional content can be stretched, contemplated, manipulated, and re-contextualized. http://skyvat.net Exhibitions DigitalMedia. American Museum of the Moving Image. New York City Slowtime? Le Musee di-visioniste. Cologne, Germany Education BFA in Film. State University of New York at Purchase. Published Works Untitled Film Stills, DELVE Magazine, Volume 1, 2002 Bibliography Dave Hill Jr., Screen Envy, Remix, February, 2004 Sher Doruff, Collaborative Culture Making Art of Databases. NAI Publishers, August 2003 Johanna Jainchill, Clash, Then Synthesis: Joys of a Laptop Jam, The New York Times, July 10, 2003 Grants Experiemental Televison Center Presentation Fund. 2003, 2004 Selected Archival Research Projects The Emile Griffith Project. Hole in the Fence LLC to be released in 2004. The life story of the six-time world champion boxer, Emile Griffith. The Boys of 2nd Street Park. Hole in the Fence LLC 2003. A documentary about a group of friends who grew up and came of age in the enclave of Brighton Beach Brooklyn. The film charts their history together and the separate paths each individual took on their way to middle age. Presented at Sundance Film Festival in 2002 and broadcast on Showtime in 2003. America's River. Public Affairs Television 2001. Two-part documentary televison series hosted by Bill Moyers, which examines the historical significance of the Hudson River and the importance of its environmental conservation. New York: A Documentary Film. Steeplechase Films 2001. Seven-part, fourteen-hour PBS series directed by Ric Burns. Honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for contributions to Outstanding Achievement in Non-Fiction Programming. Affiliations Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA)