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http://davidcort.com/ Video and Television Interviews on conditions leading up to and including the immigration and resettlement of Jews to Israel from Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia and Ethiopia, 1990-1997: The United Jewish Appeal, New York and The Jewish Agency, Jerusalem, Israel. Produced, operated camera and sound, wrote a variety of interviews shot in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan*, Tajikistan** Russia; Ukraine; Byeloruss; Israel; and theU.S. *(See http://www.davidcort.com/cards/turkmenistanCard.html) **(See http://davidcort.com/cards/tajikistanCard.html} The Nineties: Produced videotape documentary pieces for nationwide PBS series. The last was a story on "Israeli Soldiers Serving in Gaza During the First Intifada" See http://davidcort.com/cards/intifadaCard1.html Mayday Realtime: SA documentary of civil unrest. Distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix, Inc., 84 5th Ave., New York City, NY 10011, The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y., NY, and The American Federation of the Arts, which toured it worldwide. Archived at MOMA, NY, SFMOMA, Video Data Bank, Chicago, and EIA, NY See http://davidcort.com/cards/maydayCard.html Subject To Change: Columbia Broadcasting System, NYC, NY. Produced many segments for this pilot. Lanesville TV, Media Bus, Inc., Woodstock, NY: Involvement in series of TV programs aired over an experimental station in Lanesville, NY. Cooperstown TV is a Museum, New York State Council of the Arts: Produced cable TV programming experiment written mostly by trained historians and museum curators. Shorts, Post_Newsweek Group: Produced and wrote fantasy-comedy shorts for 2 specials syndicated and picked up by 165 stations including the NBC-owned group. See http://davidcort.com/cards/sandFaceCard.html Videogames, WKTV Utica, NY: Produced and wrote children's comedy-fantasy show now being distributed as videotape as "Explorations in the Videospace" by Electronic Arts Intermix, Inc., 84 5th Ave., New York, NY 10011. See http://davidcort.com/cards/videogame.html VTR, WNET, New York, NY: For series aired on PBS stations, produced a segment entitled, Explorations, which was initially commissioned by The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. See http://davidcort.com/transPoserCard.html Trans*, Mysterium**, and One Two Three***, Spiral Productions, Westwood, California: Co-produced these dance films. Trans* as a first place winner at the N.Y. Educational Film Festival. *See http://davidcort.com/cards/transCard.html **See http://davidcort.com/cards/mysteriumCard.html ***See http://davidcort.com/cards/123Card.html Teaching 1. MIT under Professor Ricky Leacock, head of the Film Section 2. UCLA under Professor Shirley Clarke in the graduate program in film Awards, Prizes, and Honors Massachusetts Software Council, Fellowship Recipient The Museum of Modern Art, The American Documentary Video, Tour & Archive The American Film Institute, Los Angeles, California, Fellowship Recipient - The NY Educational Film Festival, TRANS, First Prize Education Brandeis University, Bachelor of Arts