David Gatten

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DAVID GATTEN — filmmaker, Henry James fan, recent Guggenheim fellow, and aspiring audio book producer — makes bookish films about letters and libraries and lovers and ghosts that are filled with words, some of which you can read. His work has shown around the popular planet Earth in museums, festivals, biennials, galleries, archives, access centers, elementary schools, storefronts, on sides of buildings and once on a barge that was floating down river. Six times his films have played in the New York Film Festival, five times at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, four times at the London Film Festival, three times at the Pacific Film Archive, twice in the Whitney Biennial and once upon a time, for reasons still unclear to everyone involved, at the Kiel International Festival of Archeological Film. You can find his films in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Art Institute of Chicago but only rarely can he find his glasses. He lives and works by the water in Red Hook, Brooklyn and on Seabrook Island, South Carolina and teaches 16mm filmmaking/Wallace Stevens appreciation at The Cooper Union in New York City.