David Sampliner

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David Sampliner's first feature, Dirty Work, co-directed with Tim Nackashi, screened at Sundance, won Best Documentary Feature at the Atlanta Film Festival, and aired on the Sundance Channel. He directed and shot Turning Points, an award-winning film on LGBT ordination in the Presbyterian Church. He directed, shot, and edited the DVD featurette on the making of By the People: The Election of Barack Obama. He co-directed Art, Architecture, and Innovation, a documentary about the history of the Guggenheim Museum currently on the festival circuit and airing on Channel 13 in New York. His latest feature, My Own Man, is a personal film examining the meaning of manhood in the age of post-macho men, which he's directing, editing, writing, and shooting on super-16mm film. He grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and now lives in Manhattan.