David Stout

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David Stout is an artist, director, composer and performer. His work in interactive media and expanded cinematic forms include video-dance, analog image-sound synthesis, experimental narrative, video installation, electro-acoustic scores for stage and screen, telematic and interactive video performance, algorithmic animation, networked recursive systems and large scale immersive events that emphasize multi-screen film/video projection as an extension of performer, audience and environment. He is the recent recipient of the Harvestworks Interactive Technology Award (2004) and a nominee for the both the WTN World Technology Award (2003) and the International Media Art Prize (2004). David is an Associate Professor in the Department of Moving Image Arts at the College of Santa Fe. He holds an Inter-Arts MFA (1985) in Film/Video and Music from the California Institute of the Arts where he studied with Ed Emshwiller, Joan LaBarbara, Jim Pomeroy, Michael Scroggins and Bill Viola. His award winning video works, sound scores, and inter-media performances have been presented at international festivals throughout the USA, Europe and Japan. He currently directs (I.P.I.) the Installation, Performance & Interactivity project at the College of Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico. http://www.i2o.org/