Debra Zimmerman

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Debra Zimmerman has been Executive Director of Women Make Movies since 1983. During her tenure, WMM has grown into the largest distributor of films and videotapes by and about women in North America. Zimmerman has lectured on women's media and media distribution throughout the world, has been a grants panelist for government and private foundations and served as a jury member for numerous festivals. She regularly lectures at universities and colleges and has published numerous articles on independent media distribution and women's film and videomaking. She currently sits on the Board of the Foundation for Independent Video and Film (FIVF) and on the Advisory Boards of the Boston Women's Film and Video Festival; the Long Island Film Festival; the Northampton Film and Video Festival; the New York International Children's Film Festival; DocuClub, NY; Frameline, San Francisco and Asian Cine-Vision, NY.