Diane Bonder

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Diane Bonder has been making lo-fi experimental film and video for 10 years Shooting super-8 and 16mm in documentary, poetic and semi-narrative styles, she explores autobiographical content, addressing issues of identity, sexuality, addiction, memory, and loss. Her work has been screened internationally at museums, alternative cinemas, festivals and libraries, including The New Museum of Contemporary Art, The Whitney Museum, and The Brooklyn Museum of Art. She is the recipient of several awards, including a Lyn Blumenthal Memorial Award, a Mid-Atlantic Media Fellowship, and Jurors Choice Award from the Black Maria Film and Video Festival. Bonder serves on the screening committee of the New Festival (The New York Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival). "Since her start in the early 90's Bonder has developed a way to combine various moving-image media and composition strategies (e.g. super-8, 16mm and video shooting in documentary, diary, poetic and semi-narrative styles, along with found-footage and optical printing construction) which enables her to explore, with humor and intelligence, personal and social issues, especially those relating to family and gender identity." -Berks Filmmakers "The allusive way in which Bonder's compelling images relate to the text forms a playful experimental, and engaging esthetic. -Alissa Lebow, Lesbians Make Movies, Cineaste