DSC Digital Services Corporation Composite Eclipse ECL 4000 Operations Manual with EFE option.

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DSC Digital Services Corporation, Gainesville, Florida (1988)




DSC Digital Services Corporation Composite Eclipse ECL 4000 with EFE option Operations Manual. Includes description, diagrams, screen shots of Video Processor. "The ECLIPSE is a menu driven system that manipulates a 2-dimensional video image to a predetermined set of transition parameters. ECLIPSE produces a 3-dimensional optical effects image which can be manipulated on all three axes. The perspective image thus produced can be further enhanced by rotation, mosaic, twist, border, posterization, and other functions. Curving the 3-dimensional image to produce "cineramic" effects along three axial lines is another creative plus available to ECLIPSE users. A cube mode makes ECLIPSE unique in that three video positions may be seen and manipulated within a cube shape at one time." Included with binder is a product specification and price sheet.

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