Ed Tomney

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Ed Tomney is a composer and visual artist. His work as a synthesist began with projects such as "The Last Gasp Ensemble" and the electronic trio "ENVLP". His involvement in this area of acoustic art evolved into larger scale pieces such as "The Mechanical Guitar Orchestra", a robotic ensemble designed for installation and performance consisting of automated electric guitar sculptures. Subsequently, he composed a series of radio works in Europe, ("Kunstradio-Radiokunst", "Bilder Im Kopf" - ORF) and exhibited sound installations designed for public spaces involving passage such as stairwells, elevators, subway stations and hallways. In his solo installations ("Ecotype Transmissions") he incorporates reanimated spacial events with live mechanical events such as motorized transducer fields. Ed Tomney is also a member of the analog synthesis collective "Analogos" which performs regularly at Diapason Gallery.