Eleanor Dubinsky

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Eleanor Dubinsky is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the boundaries and intersections of nation, person and place. Her large-scale video, sound and performance works create the experience of travel and a sense of immersion in the unfamiliar while encouraging audiences find some connection to the unknown and to one another. Dubinsky is interested in expanding who gets to see and participate in art-making and performance. She believes art offers opportunities for self-expression and the co-mingling of multiple perspectives and wants to engage audience members in a sense of wonder, questioning and creativity about their everyday lives. To this end, Dubinsky has rehearsed and performed in train stations, public parks, beaches and other public spaces throughout the world and invites non art-going audiences to share in both her process and performances. Her most recent piece, TRANSIT (video/dance/sound) was created and took place in the main train station in Tabor, the Czech Republic in July and August 2004. Dubinsky graduated from Brown University in 1998 with a BA in Educational Studies focusing on art and social change. She has lived and worked extensively in Western and Central Europe, particularly in the Czech Republic. She speaks Czech, French, Spanish and Italian and is international in her life and in her work. She is currently developing an expanded version of TRANSIT for a New York City subway station and experimenting with digital image technology for video art. Select works in addition to TRANSIT include Mermaid/Animal (2004), a site-specific improvisation in Stuyvesant Cove Park on the East River, Body/Land/Water (2004), a four part dance improvisation on the beach and harbor in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, Dualities (2003), a video, sound and sculpture installation in a storage shed in Tabor, the Czech Republic, She's Not Here (2003) a solo dance with her cello exploring intimacy and Reach (2002), a dance made in St. Louis with fifteen high school girls about their daily lives. In addition, Dubinsky has composed several cello and vocal compositions for dance and is currently making Coupling, a sculpture constructed from mushrooms and red thread.