Elle Burchill

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Elle Burchill is a Brooklyn based video maker. She is inspired by the unexpected and accidental and her work is often based around footage she originally shot spontaneously for pleasure. She also has a series of performative pieces, primarily exploring the fragility of our bodies and circumstances. Her videos have screened at cinemas, galleries and festivals including: Anthology Film Archives, the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, Fountain Art Fair-Miami, Ocularis, Harvard Film Archives, Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archives, Issue Project Room, Monkey Town, Gitana Rosa Gallery, Phatory Inc., vbrooklyn festival, the Chicago Underground Film Festival, and Cesta International Film Festival, Czech Republic. Her work can also be seen on the "For Life against the WarÖagain, a Collective Outcry" DVD published by the Filmmakers' Coop in 2007 and can be downloaded from www.jonasmekas.com 365 Films, Days 196, 241, 352. Elle Burchill was born in Pittsburgh, PA and has a BA from the University of Virginia.