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Ellen Zweig (1947, Chicago, Illinois, USA) received her MFA from Columbia University in 1970 and her doctorate degree in 1980 from the University of Michigan. Working actively with the sound and video environment, Zweig uses historical, scientific and philosophical texts in her multi-media productions. Combination in the projects of various media environments and discourse practices, and also the exploitation of installation strategies with the use of descriptive figures camera obscura & camera lucida, testifies to the original artist's approach in the studies of memory mechanisms. Among the solo projects are the following ones: She Traveled for the Landscape (New Music America, Houston, 1986), Gazecamerabo or Hannah's Tea Party (Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, 1987), Such Ruins Give the Mind a Sense of Sadness (permanent installation, Exploratorium, San Francisco, 1989), Monstrous Wonder (Broadway Windows, New York, 1991), Critical Mass (jointly with M. Rubinstein, S. & W. Vasulka, New Mexico Museum of Fine Art, Santa Fe, 1994; Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, 1997) and many others. She received a Finishing Funds award from the Experimental Television Center in 1992. She has conducted numerous performances and poetry readings, including the ones at the Institute of Modern Art (Brisbane, 1982), Georges Pompidou Center (Paris, 1984), San Francisco Art Institute (San Francisco, 1984), Australian Center for Contemporary Art (Melbourne, 1986), Detroit Institute of Art (Detroit, 1986), Whitney Museum of American Art (New York, 1991) and others. She has participated in international festivals of sound poetry, including such as: 12 International Festival of Sound Poetry (New York, 1981), Polyphonix 5 (Paris, 1983), Soundworks (Sydney Biennial, 1986), Festival de la B‚tie (Geneva, 1990) and others. Her video series, HEAP, was shown as an installation at DDM Warehouse, Shanghai, China (2006). The video series, HEAP, has screened at Millenium Film Archives, NY; and at Electromediascope at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, MO. Parts of the series have been shown at numerous international film festivals including the International Film Festival Rotterdam (2003); Viper Basel, Switzerland (2003); and Images Contre Nature International Festival of Experimental Video, Marseilles (2006). She has been a professor at the School of Visual Arts, Brown University. Ellen Zweig lives and works in New York (New York, USA).