Elodie Lauten

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Elodie Lauten has been described as a pioneer, one of the leaders of the postminimalist movement. Recordings of Lauten's music — piano, electronic, electro-acoustic, chamber music and operatic works — have been released by O.O. Discs, Nonsequitur, Tellus, Point/Polygram, Lovely Music, Silenzio, Frog Peak Music New Tone and 4-Tay. Over the years Lauten has received awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, ASCAP, Meet the Composer, the American Music Center, and commissions from Lincoln Center, the Soho Baroque Opera, Harpsichord Unlimited and The Lark Ascending. Lauten's most recent commercial release, THE DEUS EX MACHINA CYCLE double CD set (4Tay) received critical acclaim in Chamber Music America Magazine, 21st Century Music, The San Francisco Examiner, New Hope International (England) and Opzij (Netherlands). In 1999, Lauten's solo piano work VARIATIONS ON THE ORANGE CYCLE (Lovely Music) was included in Chamber Music America's list of 100 best works of the 20th century. Lauten's SYMPHONY 2001, commissioned by the Bozeman Symphony, was premiered in April 2001. A second production of WAKING IN NEW YORK, a musical portrait of Allen Ginsberg, for chamber ensemble, was presented by Downtown Music Productions at the 14 St Y Theater, iin June 2001. It was hailed by The New York Times as "lovely, effecting and affecting".