Eric Galatas

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After working for corporate media outlets like Belo's DALLAS MORNING NEWS, Viacom's KNDD "THE END", and MCA/Universal's NORTHERN EXPOSURE, Galatas founded CITIZEN VAGROM, a grassroots television project in Seattle, WA. Vagrom was a spearheading member of the SEATTLE INDEPENDENT MEDIA COALITION (SIMC), an alliance of over 25 community print, video, audio and internet groups. Galatas also participated in the founding of the New York Free Media Alliance and the Bay Area Alternative Media Network. In November of 1999, Galatas helped mobilize the SEATTLE INDEPENDENT MEDIA CENTER (IMC), which brought together over 400 media activists to produce breaking video, audio, print and photo coverage of events during the shut down of the World Trade Organization's ministerial meetings. He also helped coordinate the second IMC for the 2000 IMF/World Bank protests in Washington D.C., and was project director for 35 hours of live FSTV/IMC television coverage of the 2000 Presidential Convention protests in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. In April of 2001, Galatas co-created the IMC's first ongoing national TV series dedicated to grassroots activism in the U.S., INDYMEDIA NEWSREAL. NEWSREAL is currently screened monthly in over 40 cities across the US, streamed on the internet, and broadcast via FSTV on satellite television and on community cable stations. A sister project, European Newsreel, was launched in June of 2002 featuring multiple language translation teams and international distribution and video trainings. Following the September 11th attacks, Galatas created FSTV's first original prime time series, WORLD IN CRISIS. Recent projects developed for television include CAF… NUBA, a monthly spoken word performance series from Denver's African American community, and RADIOVISION, a collaboration between FSTV and David Barsamian's Alternative Radio.