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Erika Yeomans is a director/writer of video, film and performance projects. From 1989-1999, she was the Artistic Director of the performance art collective Doorika. She is interested in the restructuring of myth, narrative and the cross-pollination of other medias. Yeomans produced and directed over 17 original theater productions that toured venues throughout the United States. She has also created high-profile performance art/multimedia projects such as the installation project Cardboard, Vinyl, Rhinestones: The Denim Fiancé. Since 1999, Yeomans has focused on filmmaking. Her videos have won awards and screened at film festivals and art institutions around the world. As a director/writer, Yeomans' work tends to be theatrical, genre driven and fetishistic. In all of her projects, Yeomans' is interested in blurring the line between humor and pathos. Her work has been exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum, Sandra Gering Gallery, and Artists' Space. A collaborative piece with Virgil Marti was shown at the last Delaware Biennial. Filmmaking has become a means to fully realize the ideas and methods that have informed my work in theater. Repetition, elliptical text, shifting points of reference and visual juxtapositions are all conventions I employ to tap both the familiar and the foreign. Issues of gender, class and culture are part of the myth constructed in my art work. My recent solo endeavors in video art and performance include the sound project CHUBBY BUDDY at New York's AC Project Room (2001), "Cardboard, Vinyl, Rhinestones; The Denim Fiancé'" (1999) a Levi's commissioned art installation/performance project with Virgil Marti and the award-winning digital video THE FORGERY (2000). The latter is screening at various film festivals in the U.S. and Europe and broadcast on Japanese television in 2002. CHUBBY BUDDY (the last castrato) is an experimental narrative based on 'reminisces' of Francis Howard, a New York publisher who gives up a career and marriage in order to act upon his impulses, which include pretend commuting, voyeurism and eventually - toy theft. CHUBBY BUDDY was originally conceived as a live sound project for the New York Gallery AC Project Room's Sound Series in 2001 and inspired by 70's films such as: Carnal Knowledge, The Swimmer and The Stepford Wives. Actor Mot Filipowski performed the text with cinematic sound bites and musical ambience created by turntablist DJ Cruzmissile. In 2003, the sound project was re-imagined as a short art film. 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