Experimental Television Center Analog Synthesizer

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Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY (1978)




Experimental Television Center device and system documentation, September 1978. There are front panel layouts for the Analog Synthesizer, 3 of 3, plus Oscillator panel (February 1978). Schematics follow: Envelope Follower, Pulse Divider/ Sequencer, Voltage Controlled Oscillator, Voltage Controlled Amplifier, Test Rack for the Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), Positive Ramp, Rack VCO (Sequencer), Sync Inputs for Aries Oscillators, Mixer, One Short Pulse, Noise Source, Noise Source (N. S.) Tracking Regulators, Random Module, Video Line, Triangle Sample and Hold, Filter, Board B (Analog), Unregulated Dual Supply for Regulation to +/-12V, Frequency-to-Voltage Converter, Waveshaper, X2 Invert (+5V)/ Normal Inverter/ Led Driver, Added to Positive Ramp, Negative Ramp, Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier, and one unlabeled. 3 Lists: Oscillator (Pin vs. Designation), 3rd Analog Box (modules) with Pots Available, and Rack Connectors (single edge- Keyers/ Output Amplifier, double edge- Sequencer/ Oscillator, left, and right). Application Note No. 114, A Frequency-to-Voltage Converter by Electronotes (December 11, 1978). Parts List for the Aries Module 317 Voltage Controlled Oscillator (3 pages) (09.22.1975). Aries System 300 Music Synthesizer, Aries Module AR-317, Voltage Controlled Oscillator Assembly Instructions with module assembly diagram and AR-317 VCO Panel Wiring Diagram (rear view), Trim Procedure (7 pages), Theory of Operation (3 pages). Factory schematics for the AR-317 Precision Wide Range Multi-Waveform Voltage Controlled Oscillator.

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