Feedback: The Video Data Bank Catalog of Video Art and Artist Interviews

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Temple University Press, PA (2006)




The first printed catalog of the Video Data Bank's complete holdings, Feedback offers readers essays on the history of media arts, the Video Data Bank, video activism, experimental performance art, and the On Art and Artists Collection. It includes 325 frame grabs and stills from some of the collection's most important pieces and outlines the styles and directions taken by artists throughout the entire history of video art. ContentsIntroduction to the Video Data Bank Collections ? Kate Horsfield1. Busting the Tube: A Brief History of Video Art ? Kate Horsfield2. Grow Gills and Swim: The Evolution of Activist Video ? Gregg Bordowitz3. Vertical Hold: A History of Women's Video Art ? Vanalyne Green4. Performance Art and Experimental Video: Highlights from the Video Data Bank Collection ? Peggy Phelan5. Video Art Collection6. Video Art Anthologies7. On Art and Artists: An Introduction ? Kate Horsfield8. On Art and Artists CollectionOrdering InformationArtist IndexTitle Index

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