Film Technique

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George Newnes, Limited, London, England (1929)




Film Technique. Five Essays and Two Addresses by V. I. Pudovkin. Translated and Annotated by Ivor Montagu, enlarged edition. Contents break down into the following parts: I. The Film Scenario and Its Theory including Foreword, Part I. The Scenario, and Part II. The Plastic Material, II. Film Director and Film Material including Part I. The Peculiarities of Film Material, Part II. The Director and The Scenario, Part III. The Director and The Actor, Part IV. The Actor in the Frame, Part V. The Director and the Cameraman, III. Types Instead of Actors, IV. Close-ups in Time, V. Asynchronism as a Principle of Sound Film, VI. Rhythmic Problems in my First Sound Film, VII. Notes and Appendices including A. Glossarial Notes, B. Special Notes, C. Iconography of Pudovkin's Works, and D. Index of Names.

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