Geoff Matters

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Geoff Matters uses his own software"GDAM" along with innovative homemade and repurposed physical controllers in live and interactive music performances, under his real name or the aliases GeoffGDAM and Lance Blisters. As a founder of the Share forum-an open jam for audio and video artists-he helps provide a weekly opportunity to explore developments in live, collaborative, and experimental art, as well as a venue for performances by local and touring artists. As Lance Blisters, he performs LIVE Jungle, Breakcore, Punk, and Noise using MIDI Guitar and Microphone, and custom software to create cutup political anthems - a new and unique blend of songwriting, live performance, and electronic music. Geoff has performed in America and Europe at such venues as Baktun, Openair, Remote Lounge, The Kitchen, Chashama, and the Knitting Factory, and in festivals including Electroluxe (US), Phonotaktik (US), Transfert (US, France), and Mixology (US). Geoff has composed and performed music and video for several dance pieces by koosil-ja/dance KUMIKOKIMOTO, including mech[a] (2003) deadmandancing EXCESS (2004), public sleep/Sleepover (2004,2005) and Live Processing (2006). He received a commission from the American Music Center's Live Music for Dance Program for Dance Without Bodies. Other grants include the Experimental Television Center and Meet The Composer.