Gokcen Ergene

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Gokcen Ergene (aka Gekko) is an artist working mainly in film and video though his work flirts heavily with theatre and cross-disciplinary performance. Ergene has written and directed both for independent film and theatre. His productions and short films have been exhibited in the US and Europe. In 2001, he has produced and directed his stage adaptation of Swiss writer Robert Walser's novel Jakob von Gunten (a US premier) followed by a collaborative musical project with distinguished poet Stephen Sandy producing the record Timex, a collection of poems read by the poet and music by Ergene. He has composed music for film and the stage. His work in theatre, film and video strives to bring a new understanding of dramatic theory; making clear distinctions between theatre and play, story and behavior while blurring the line between fact and fiction. He is a founding member of the performance group KUKLA that investigates tangent points between film, animation through live multimedia performances. He has taught film and audio production at Bennington College and Syracuse University. Ergene is currently working on a feature film: 9 Keys. He is the director of the Single Reel Film & Video Festival, a series of independent film series that take place throughout the year in NYC. You can catch him at: http://www.dishwasherstudio.com