Graham Collins

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Post-Secondary Education 1988-1993 -B.Mus program Carleton University, Ottawa Canada Undergraduate studies concentrating in theory/composition and electronic music Film/Video Soundtracks & Commercial Credits POV (A tribute to film-maker Frank Cole), Odessa Filmworks., 16 mm., 2001 Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, Odessa Filmworks., 16 mm., 2001 Harry Knuckles and the Treasure of the Aztec Mummy, Odessa Filmworks., 16mm., 1999. Nobody's Nothing, B. Farr., 35mm., 1999. A Landscape of Here and There, P. Rose., Video. 1998. Live Performance 1998-present The Institution, performer Music Director of improv/sketch comedy club. 1997-present Slo' Tom and the Horseshit Heroes, band member Keyboards/sideman for band 1998 Kathleen Edwards, band member Keyboards/sideman for 1997-1999 field collective, group performances Wide-ranging multi-disciplinary collective of video artists, musicians, and dj's working in a variety of environments at integrating different types of media synthesis. 1996-1999 pongthrob, solo performer Numerous performances in Ottawa area clubs and art galleries performing various types of ambient and experimental textures. Related Experience 1996-2000 Instructor in synthesis at The Audio Recording Academy 1994-present Keyboard Dept. Manager/Internet Sales coordinator at Song Bird Music. 1993-present freelance MIDI/synthesis consultant for various studios and bands 1983-present Worked extensively with a wide variety of synthesizers ranging from EMS synthi 100, as well as various custom-built modular units up to modern digital workstations. Grants/Endowments 1999 Mediafix grant from SAW video for mixed media performance Liquid Light w/Tim Dallett and John Lauder Residencies 1999 March Experimental Television Center; Owego, NY. W/Tim Dallett 2000 April Experimental Television Center; Owego, NY. W/Tim Dallett