Gretjen Clausing

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Gretjen Clausing has worked for over 18 years in independent media exhibition as a programmer, administrator, activist, and publicist. In fall 2004, she joined the staff of Scribe Video Center ( as program director and producer of the 2005 National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture Conference. From 1999 to 2004 she was the program director of Film at the Prince, where she created and ran a repertory film program. She has also served as the coordinator of the Philadelphia Independent Film/Video Association (PIFVA). She has been a staff member of the Neighborhood Film/Video Project and Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema. She was the filmmaker/facilitator on two of Scribe Video Center's community visions projects (a Precious Places project) and a publicist on the inaugural year of Street Movies (an outdoor summer screening series). She is one of the cocreators/producers of the television show Big Tea Party (, an educational television series that has aired weekly on DUTV since January 1999 and on Free Speech TV since 2004. She is a 1986 graduate of Ithaca College.