Heather Raikes

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Heather Raikes is a new media/performance artist who has been exploring new media poetics, telematics, contemporary semiotics, dance/technology synthesis, and technoetic performance forms for more than a decade. She has founded and directed several visionary new media/performance collectives, including Neopoetics, Harakti Multimedia, Gemini Performance Project, and the Temple University New Media Performance Lab. Her repertoire of original work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and includes new media performances, installations, video, electronic text, visual art and interactive media design. Raikes' work has been shown at such venues as HEREArt (New York), Clark Studio Theater at Lincoln Center (New York), San Diego Museum of Art (San Diego), Pixelraiders (UK), International Festival of Performance (Barcelona), Philadelphia Fringe Festival Dance/Technology Program (Philadelphia), Aaron Davis Hall (New York), and Inscriptions in the Sand (Cyprus). She has performed at venues such as the American Dance Festival, Jacob's Pillow, The Joyce Theater, and the New York Downtown Arts Festival.