The Human Figure in Motion

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Dover Publications, Inc., New York, NY (1955)




The Human Figure in Motion. This book begins with an Introduction: Eadward Muybridge and His Work by Robert Taft, a professor at the University of Kansas. Detailed Contents follow: Men Walking, Running, Jumping, Throwing and Catching, Kicking, Batting, and Rowing, Acrobatics and Fencing, Various Trades, Standing, Sitting, and Lying Down, Women Walking, Picking up and Putting down, Standing, Hopping, Jumping, Climbing, and Crawling, Dancing and Turning, Throwing, Sitting, Kneeling, Lying down, Rising, and Children Walking and Running, Crawling and Climbing, and Picking up and Carrying. The sequence of phases in most of the plates is from left to right. Although the individual frames are lightly numbered, an arrow is placed beneath each plate where the sequence is from right to left. The time interval between frames is given in all cases where it is known.

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