Istvan Kantor

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Istvan Kantor, best known as Monty Cantsin, founder of Neoism, is a Hungarian born media artist and producer working in a range of mediums that include performance, robotics, installation, sound, music, video and new media. Frequently described by the media as rebellious, anti-authoritarian, intellectually assaultive, technically innovative, and highly experimental, his works disrupt and challenge structures of power. Most recently, his work has explored the impact of new technology, particularly in relation to the human body, and focuses on the socio-mechanical interactions of information systems. Challenging, energetic, aggressive and subversive, Kantor's work has been exhibited internationally and has garnered several awards. He is the recipient of the Telefilm Canada Award for Best Canadian Video (1998) and the Transmediale 2001 award in Berlin. The recipient of the Governor General's Award for Visual and Media Arts in 2004, Kantor currently lives and works in Toronto.