Jackie Passmore

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I am a 27-year-old London-based film and video artist, originally from the US. I have exhibited work for screening and gallery exhibition at venues including the ICA London, Tate Gallery and Tate Liverpool, FACT Centre, festivals such as Futuresonic and Cinematexas, and numerous collaborative projects with artists including Cory Arcangel [TEAM Gallery, NYC] and assume vivid astro focus [Tate, LA MOCA.] I am a video director and professional video editor for organizations including the Design Museum London, British Film Institute, and London Metropolitan Film School. I am best known for my involvement in the live video performance scene in Europe. The main focus of my artwork for the past three years has been live video performances with two seminal female-led experimental electronic bands, Stereolab and Ladytron. I have toured extensively with these two groups, performing my own live mix video shows everywhere from Berlin to Shanghai to Austin, Texas. For these performances, I create all of my own films, largely from hand manipulated 16mm films or cut-paper collages, reworked in video, which I manually trigger and manipulate live to projection during performance for crowds ranging from 500 to 15,000. I studied Film/Video Production through the Honours [IPS] programme at the University of Texas at Austin, Photography at NewYork University and Photography and Sculpture at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Since moving to England from the US, I have completed over 60 video projects, the majority in the context of project artist on activist media education projects, some in collaboration with artists including Craig Baldwin and Cory Arcangel.