James Richards and Steve Reinke

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Richards and Steve Reinke
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I have been making videos and sound work with found and re-edited material for a number of years. The videos are sequences or collections of disparate material from the internet, old videos, DVD's as well as my own filmed sequences. This material is edited and composed for exhibiting, both as single screen 'cinema' type programmes, and as multichannel synchronised DVD installations. Occasionally the material I use is left as 'ready-made' and at other times it is processed and manipulated beyond recognition. During the week at the ETC, I would be looking to gain experience in a wide range of imaging processes. I'm also keen to find new methods of incorporating still images into my work i.e. interesting ways of making them dissolve, distort and be edited together on screen. I would come to the residency with a large selection of material (video clips & stills) and spend the time processing and developing my work through the use of equipment not usually accessible to me.