Jamie O'Neil

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Jamie O'Neil presents under the pseudonym Kurt Weibers in videos and performances. His voice, tone and gesture coalesce into a unique formalism used to subvert authoritarian discourses. As a producer of tactical media interventions, he has posed in self-improvement seminars, staged elaborate hoaxes, and remixed himself into dialogs across time. In both his written and video essays, he attempts to think the unthinkable, and by invoking humor, has materialized contemporary aesthetic, scientific and philosophical problems in totally unorthodox ways. Often invoking parody and irony along with a keen sense of design, his existence as a virtual identity (Kurt Weibers) over many years, has become the central refrain of his practice. Inspired by the ideas of systems/dialogical/relational aesthetics; O'Neil's investigations sit on the threshold of art and communication disciplines. By inserting his virtual-self into a varied mix of classes, exhibits, corporate meetings, government training sessions, sales pitches, conferences and public engagements; he utilizes the Power of the False to loosen interpersonal dynamics that have become increasingly polarized. Recent projects have focused on remix culture, change management, quantitative methods as propaganda, physical exercise and symbolic interaction. His work can be found on the web at: http://www.jamieoneil.net/